Ethically Made

We are engaged with a slow production chain, where our collections take 12 months from design to delivery. This is the basis for our values, to ensure workers rights and environmental protection. Our garments are certified by GOTS and WFO internationally recognised organization. We support fair wages, no child labor, workers rights, gender equality & grower community.

Basics not so Basics

Our collections are made from organic, renewable, biodegradable and regenerated fibres. Entirely committed to fair trade production, we design with longevity in mind. Munay Sisters garments are certified by GOTS and WFTO. 100% Certified Organic Pima Cotton.

Basics not so Basics

Circular Design

We design with the entire lifecycle in mind, from clothing, labeling, packaging, embroidery and materials, avoiding the excessive use of natural resources. As designers, we strongly believe that we are responsible for the production and waste of each collection.


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